Between the Worlds

Millicent Hughes

An eclectic blend of styles in a nostalgic vein of the great singer songwriters of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

To complete an album is an insurmountable task for many artists. It is truly a massive undertaking. An album is a snapshot in time, showcasing where the artist is at the moment, the collective sum of a lifetime’s experience. In this case, it's the collective experience of a handful of people pouring their hearts and souls into capturing lightning in a bottle for your listening enjoyment. I've produced many albums over the years, and at this point in time, in this place, I can say quite certainly that as a producer, this is the closest I've come to a masterpiece, accounting for every single detail I know to account for, making sure that the result is the very best it can be for the sake of each song and your time. Between The Worlds is an appropriate title as we experience a broad range of musical influences spanning many genres. My intention was to produce every song as if it were the single, cutting no corners out of respect for you, the audience. No synthesizers were used in the making of this album, in an era where electronic has become the norm. This is a return to form with exceptional musicianship, paired with excellent songwriting, reminiscent of an era before everything could be fixed, tuned, and aligned. Hopefully this album inspires the next generation of musicians and music producers to continue to value these qualities in their work. I'd like to thank Millicent Hughes for not only the countless hours recording the ethereal background vocals, playing my 1934 Marshall and Wendell Piano, a beautiful 1974 Rhodes on loan to us by Charles Russell, with logistics help from Jared Marshall, as well at her glockenspiel. I'd also like to thank Josh Peters for playing excellent drums, and all of the horns on the album, along with arranging the parts. Additionally, many thanks are extended to Thomas Bethel for the audio consultation during mastering, and Carissa Mohr, my wonderful (and pregnant at the time with our first child) wife for assisting with the engineering during recording. Also, many thanks are extended to Thomas Baker for lending us his 6-String Music Man Bongo, and Fretless 5-string Stingray. Finally, I must extend gratitude to Stefan Del Bosque for providing Clarinet on the title track, and Steven Walker for providing the cover photography and layout. I hope you enjoy Between The Worlds as much as I, and the entire Get Off My Lawn Records Family, enjoyed making it for you.


Donald W. Mohr Founder, Get Off My Lawn Records

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