Here's the full text of the contract that everyone on Get Off My Lawn Records signs.


This recording contract is between Donald W. Mohr, operating as “Get Off My Lawn Records” (Don), and everybody else who has signed below for the purpose of recording and releasing a sound recording (Project), collectively known as “The Band.” Individuals members of The Band, signed below will be known as “Family Member(s)” in this contract.


The scope of the Project will be determined by Don and outlined in the Project Parameters document, which will be shared with each Family Member before production and made public after the Project is released. The Project Parameters document will outline the following:

  • The amount of recording required

  • The number of songs to be recorded

  • Number of takes required

  • The format of the recording

  • The location, time, and date of recording sessions

  • Personnel to be included on each Track

  • Song list (if applicable) - may include working titles

  • Instrumentation to be used

  • Estimation of Cost if tape is used

At least two meetings between Don and The Band must occur within two(2) weeks, or 14 calendar day of signing this contract in order to develop the Project Parameters Document. It is recommended that these meetings take place during regular rehearsal time.

All songs used in the Project are not permitted to contain hate speech, as defined by Don. The Project will not be allowed to be used for purposes of hate speech, as defined by The Band.

Each Family Member must promote the Project on all applicable social media at least five times during the week of the Project’s release, plus an additional five times during the year following the release of the Project as well as every other Get Off My Lawn Records release. Alternatively, the The Band can make Don an administrator on applicable social media accounts for the purpose of promotion. Each Family Member must appear in at least one #FreeformFridays or #GOMLpodcast, although all Family Members are welcome to appear on both and/or more than one. This will involve a time commitment of no more than three hours. Multiple scheduling options will be made available. Best efforts will be made to schedule #FreefromFridays and #GOMLpodcast  in a convenient manner during the course of production, and documented in the Project Parameters document.

The Band must carry at least two(2) copies of every other Get Off My Lawn Records release to their gigs for one(1) year or 365 calendar days after the release of the Project, not to exceed fifteen(15) Projects, or thirty(30) units. These copies will be provided by Don. The Band will provide inventory levels to Don at least monthly. Don will physically audit The Band’s inventory annually.


Ownership of each song recorded for the Project will belong to the songwriter(s), whomever they may be. The songwriter(s) must be a Family Member, unless specifically agreed to by Don in the Project Parameters document. Covers carry additional direct recoupable costs.

Don will own the master recording. The Band and all Family Members are not allowed to record the songs used for the Project for five years following release of the Project unless they have Don’s separate written permission before doing so.

Don owns the rights to any video content made as part of the Project. Any advertising revenue from the video content will be split as outlined in the “HOW THE MONEY WORKS” section of this contract.

Don has final say as to whether or not to release the Project. Family Members are not allowed to show the Project to anyone before it is released. Only Don is allowed to show the Project to anyone while it is in progress.

Don reserves the right to use at least 10% of the unreleased material recorded during the Project for promotion. The same split as defined below will apply to any revenue generated after direct costs are recouped. The Band will decide what unreleased material will be available for this use.

The Band and Family Members will be listed on the Get Off My Lawn Records website and related social media. Don reserves the right to use The Band’s name, likeness, logos, biographical information into perpetuity for the purpose of promoting the Project and other projects. This right includes individual Family Members’ name, likeness, logos, etc.

Each Family Member must keep Don updated with their current telephone, address, and email information so that he has a method of contacting each Family Member in order to pay them, provide sales reporting, and provide copies to bring to the gigs. Each Family Member must provide Don with any tax documentation in a reasonable amount of time. Don will keep this information private. Each Family Member must be legally allowed to work within the United States of America.


Each Family Member gets $1 from Don upon signing this contract. This is a direct recoupable cost.

All revenue from the recording will be split evenly between Don and and each Family Member after Don’s direct costs have been recouped. This is calculated on a per-track basis. If a Family Member didn’t play on the track, they will not split the revenue from that track. Don reserves the right to add up to three people to this split that will count as having played on every track. This way we can hire a Photographer, Publicist, etc. This will be defined in the Project Parameters Document and these additional roles will agreed to by every Family Member before production begins.

Songwriting royalties are included in this split - they will not be broken out separately. The songwriter will still be entitled to all other songwriting royalties owed to them, except by Get Off My Lawn Records.

If Don books a paying gig for The Band, Don gets 20% of the money paid to The Band by the venue/promoter.

Don will pay each Family Member directly quarterly and all sales records will be made available monthly to every Family Member to review. Don will audit The Band’s inventory at least annually.

This is contract work. Each Family Member is responsible for their own taxes.


The following are all considered direct recoupable costs as referenced above:

  • Physical copy compact disc (CD) will be recouped at $2 per unit manufactured

  • Limited-edition releases, and multiple-disc releases will be recouped at $10 per unit manufactured.

  • Cassette tapes and Vinyl copies will be recouped at $10 per unit manufactured unless mass-duplicated, which will be cheaper, and recouped at cost.

  • Download cards will be recouped at $0.50 per card

  • Digital sales will be recouped at $20, in order to pay for the UPC code in addition to whatever those Big Tech snakes take from us.

  • Recording costs will be recouped at $2 per tape if the project is recorded to tape. There is no recording cost for digital. The decision on whether to record to tape will be made by Don and the number of tapes will be agreed to by The Band and Don as outlined in the Project Parameters document.

  • Don will recoup $100 in ad revenue for each video before splitting any additional ad revenue evenly among each Family Member and Don.

  • Up to $600 a year in marketing/advertising spending per project is recoupable from total revenue from the project.


The Band can make their own merchandise, except copies of the Project. Don may also make merchandise for The Band. Any revenue on merchandise made by Don for The Band will be split evenly between Don and each family member after the direct cost of the merchandise has been recouped. Merchandise made by The Band will not be split with Don.


If a Family Member leaves The Band before the release of the Project, that Family Member will be compensated $1 and will waive all rights to any further compensation.




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