Identity Crisis

Sounds in Between

Identity Crisis is the debut album of Sounds In Between, which is an ensemble fusing Turkish Folk Music and Jazz.

Having made records for over 15 years at this point, i'm not sure I've come across such a strong opening as Toprak, which sets the mood for the entire project, a bland of Jazz, Turkish Folk, and Blues in a way I've never heard before. No album would be complete without a contemplative ballad and February is special. Josh Peters' singing was unexpected, but fits in only the way Josh could make it. Once the groove kicks in, this is just a wonderful journey through a moment in time. Vesvese brings more influence from Turkey with a great groove in 7/8 where Ted's drumming is outstanding and Engin's solo are particular standouts. Ever Tried Ever Failed was recorded about a month later with Josh on both Oud and Drums. The Oud break on this track is particularly memorable. 7 Is the New 4 is my personal favorite of the album with stellar playing all around. The Duel features Serthat playing the Baglama which is truly a delight. Black Saba is reminiscent of the great hard rock of the 1970s with a unique style only this group could great. Heartache and Snow are duos with a fretless nylon guitar played by Engin and Josh playing the Oud.

I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed getting to make it.

Donald W. Mohr Get Off My Lawn Records

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    Snow 2:26